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Social Studies

Social Studies Unit 1

Transcontinental railroad Railroad that spanned the U.S continent
Great Plains The area from the Missouri River to the Rocky Mountains
Frontier Parts of the West that were occupied mainly by Native Americans, rather than settlers
Solar Time Time based on calculations of the suns passage across the sky
Standard Time The time zone devised by railroad companies
Vaqucro spanish term for cowhand
long drive Journey that takes cuttle by foot to a railway
vigilante person who takes the law into his or her own hands
buffalo soliders native Americans gave to African americans soliders in the west
Mexicana Spanish word for a person at Mexican heritage;a spanish -speaking person in the south west whose anseter had come from mexico
Anglo English speaking settlers in the south west
Sand Creak massacre 1864 attack in which as many as 200 Cheyenne were killed by the Colorado militia
Sitting Bull Sioux chief who led the attack on Custer at the Battle of little Bighorn
Gen George A. Custer commander of U.S troops at the Battle of little Bighorn
Battle of Little Bighorn 1876 battle in which Sioux and Cheyenne killed an entire force of U.S troops
Dawes Act 1887 law that distribute reservation land to individual Native American owners
Wounded Knee Massacre mass killing by U.S soldiers of as many as 300 unarmed sioux at Wounded Knee, South Dakota , in 1890
Progressivism reform movements that sought to raise living standards and correct wrongs in american society
Muckraker writer who exposed corruption in American society
Patronage exchanging government jobs and contacts for political support
Sherman Antitrust Act law that made it illegal for corporations to gain control of industries by forcing triot
Theodore Roosevelt president who led progressive reforms
Direct Primary primary is when voters, not party conventions ,choose candidates to run for public office
Conservation controlling resource usage
Civil Rights granted to all citizens
William Howard Taft republican elected president in 1908
Sixteenth Amendment amendment that gave congress the power to create income tax
Seventeenth Amendment amendment that provided for direct election of U.S senators
Bull Moose Party progressive political party in 1912 presidental election
Clayton Antitrust Act legislation that strengthened the Sherman Antitrust Acts power
Federal Reserve Act law that created the modern banking system
Carry A. Nation fought for prohibition
Prohibition legal ban on the production , possession ,and sale of alcohol
Eighteenth Amendment constitutional amendment enacting prohibition
Susan B. Anthony fought for women suffrage
Carie Chapman Catt president of national American Women Suffrage Association
Nineteenth Amedment constitutional amendment that gave women the right to vote
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