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the character definitions

people personality
Sans A lazy sceleton with a love for ketchup and his brother
Frisk A human who fell from the surface exploring the underground
Chara The first human to fall from the underground
Papyrus Sanses brother also a sceliton wants to join the royal gard be capturing a HOOOOMAAAANZ
Asriel A goat monster friends with Chara
Flowey A evil flower with no soul AKA Asriel trying to kill everyone
Toriel A goat monster who takes care oh the humans
Alphys A shy lizard monster who works as the royal sientist
Undyne A confident fish monster who is also the head of the royal gaurd and training Papyrus to be a part of it
Asgore the king of the underground also trying to kill all the humans for traping them in the underground after the war
Napstablook A depressed ghost with a realy nice house and an amazing theme song
Temmie HOI iM TeMie aNd thIs Is My fRieNd TemMiE
Monster kid A cute little monster with no arms and an obsetion with Undyne
The anouying dog A cute little dog who apers a lot and steals stuff and acts cute
The mad dummy A ghost enhabited dummy enraged that you killed his brother
Mettaton A robot who is a show-off and loves to talk on his show
Gaster sans and papyrus dad in theory
Ms.Muppet A spider lady who sells spider foods
Created by: kaylacat24