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Chapter 15 Vocab

Freedmen"s Bureau establishing schools, providing aid to the poor and aged, settling disputes, etc.—was daunting, especially since it had fewer than 1,000 agents. The Bureau’s achievements in some areas, notably education and health care, were striking.
Sharecropping the system allowed each black family to rent part of a plantation with the crop divided between the cropper and the owner, at the end of the year
Sharecropping the system allowed each black family to rent part of a plantation with the crop divided between the cropper and the owner, at the end of the year
Crop-Lien Systems to obtain supplies from merchants farmers were forced to take up the growing of cotton and pledge part of the cop as collateral
Black Codes laws passes by the new southern governments the attempted to regulate the lives of the former slaces these laws granted blacks certain rights suck as legalized marriage ownership of property an limited access to the courts
Civil Rights Bill of 1866 it defined all persons born in the Unites States as citizens and spelled out rights they were to enjoy without regard to race
Fourteenth Amendment the principle of citizenship for all persons born in the United States, and which empowered the federal government to protect the rights of all Americans
Reconstruction Act Temporarily divided the south into five military districts and called for the creation of new state governments, with black men given the right to vote,. Thus began the period of Radical Reconstruction which lasted until 1877
Fifteenth Amendment prohibited the federal and state governments from denying any citizen the right to vote because of race
Carpetbaggers northerners that had packed all their belongings in a suitcase and left their homes in order to reap the spoils of the south
Scalawags traitors to their race and region
KKK basically served as the a military arm of the Democratic Party in the south from when it was founded in 1866 the Klan was a terrorist organization created a "region of terror" against Republican Leaders black and white
coalfax massacre armed whites assaulted the town with a small cannon hundreds of former slaves including fifty members of a black militia unit after they surrendered
Enforcement Acts outlawed terrorist societies and allowing the president to use the army against them these laws continued the expansion of national authority during Reconstruction
Civil Rights Act of 1875 outlawed racial discrimination in places of public accommodation like hotels and theaters
Slaughterhouse Cases justices ruled that the fourteenth amendment had not altered traditional federalism most of the rights of citizens it declared remained under state control
Redeemers Victorious Democrats the claimed to have redeemed the with south from corruption and northern and black control
Bargain of 1877 hayes's representatives agreed to recognize Democratic Control of the entire south and to avoid further intervention in local affairs. for their part democrats promised not to dispute hayes's right to civil and political rights of blacks
Women Rights Act encountered the limits of the Reconstruction commitment to equality, offered the opportunity to server the blessing of freedom of sex and as fellas race
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