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Jet SSch2 9.13.16

Type of government where people elect leaders.. democracy
Type of government in the USA and Canada democracy
Type of government where king or queen rules monarchy
Type of government where the ruler usually inherits or is born in to the family that holds the office. Has kings and queens. monarchy
Type of monarchy where the king or queen shares power with a government, such a parliament, organized by a constitution. constitutional monarchy
The person who rises to power and rules society and controls all aspects of life. Citizens have few or no rights. dictator
Type of government in North Korea and Cuba. Type of government that is forced without choices. communism
Type of government which owns all the property and citizens have few or no rights. communism
Type of economy that privately owned businesses create any goods they wish for people to buy and charge any price. market
type of economy that has freedom and choices and is used in the USA market
type of economy where the government owns most parts of the economy and decides what will be produced and sold command
type of economy that the government controls. The people (of the country) do not make the choices. type of economy used in cuba. command
type of economy people trade and barter goods and services without money. traditional
type of economy used in the poorest countries. Based on custom and tradition. traditional
type of country that is strong and has good schools, hospitals, food, water, housing, and transportation. Type that has a highly developed culture and technology. developed
type of country that is poor and weak. Type that has less productive economies and lower quality of life. developing
what does the united nations represent? promotes peace
when was the united nations created? after World War II
What is a person who creates a business called? entrepreneur
Set of beliefs, values and practices people share culture
organization that keeps order and sets rules government
another word for money capital
what it is called to trade a pencil for a book barter
what type of economy is forced to set prices without any choices? command
which has more nations? developed or developing developing
Where did immigrants enter the US? Ellis Island
what is a religion with 1 god? monotheistic
what is a religion with many gods? polytheistic
At Ellis Island where would you reunite with family members? kissing post
what was the first things immigrants would see in america? statue of liberty
What city is Ellis Island in? (NYC) New York City
Push or Pull? poor countries, weak with no rights, leaving push
Push or Pull? strong, freedom, like USA, coming pull
Created by: Lory_hamblen



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