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Hunter Gatherers

Prehistory & Nomads

Which term is defined as "adjusting or changing to an environment or situation around you?" Adapt
Which narrow passage of water exists between Alaska and Russia? Bering Strait
(BLANK) is the study of the past base on the items left behind by people. Archaeology
What do you call a scientist who uncovers evidence or clues from the past while studying fossils, pottery, jewelry, etc? Archaeologist
What is climate? Weather conditions over time
What are some items gathered by nomads? berries, fruits, nuts, and roots
What are some animals hunted by nomads? mammoth, deer, wild pigs
What do you call a system where water is transported to crops? Irrigation
What do you call a narrow strip of land connecting two larger pieces of land? Isthmus
What is a nomad? A person who roams from place to place with no permanent home
What is another word for "Old Stone Age?" Paleolithic
What is another word for "New Stone Age?" Neolithic
During the New Stone Age, nomads would (BLANK) wild plants and animals for their own use. Domesticate
What do you call the way people use and manage goods in a society? ($$) Economics
What is a fossil? a part of something that was once alive
What was the period of time where the earth was mostly covered by glaciers? Ice Age
what does it mean to migrate? To move from one place to another without having a permanent home
What is a word to describe "extra supplies?" Surplus
Products used by humans to make life easier is called (BLANK). Technology
A long period of time BEFORE people developed writing and language is called (BLANK). prehistory
Another word for agriculture is what? Farming
Historians believe that Native Americans arrived in North America from what continent? Asia
Which idea do historians believe in that describes how the Native Americans arrived to North America? The Land Bridge Theory
True or False? Nomads followed the animals they hunted and lived in portable shelters. TRUE
What did domestication of animals allow nomads to do? Settle down, build communities and language, and become civilized
What are the positive effects of nomads using irrigation? Nomads became farmers and were able to build permanent homes
The Stone Age was the time period when people lived as hunters and gatherers using stone tools. True or False? True
What were the results of nomads using fire around 7,000 BC? Nomads cooked their meat, making it easier to chew and digest
How many continents are on the globe? 7
Which ocean is along the east coast of North America? Atlantic
Which ocean is along the west coast of North America? Pacific
Which continent is the smallest and is also considered a country? Australia
Which continent has the largest population and the largest in size? Asia
Egypt is a country on which continent? Africa
Which two continents are connected by an isthmus? North and South America
Canada is a country on which continent? North America
Which continent is known for having no human population living among it? Antarctica
Which imaginary lines run vertically on the globe, dividing the earth into Eastern and Western hemispheres? Longitude
Which imaginary lines run horizontally on the globe? Latitude
Which imaginary line runs vertically at zero degrees through Greenwich, England? Prime Meridian
Which imaginary line runs horizontally around the center of the earth, like a belt, at zero degrees? Equator
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