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Battle of Bloody Marsh (July 7, 1742)-The decisive battle during the War of Jenkins Ear - Georgia colonists stopped the Spanish invasion of St.Simmons Island. England would not have to worry about the Spanish posing a threat to their colonies ever again.
Defense 1 of 3 reasons for Georgia's founding; colony was to offer protection to South Carolina and the other colonies
Charity 1 of 3 reasons for George's founding. James Oglethorpe and the trustees hoped to bring debtors and the England's "worthy poor" to the colony to begin new lives
Charter of 1732 The document that formally established the colony of Georgia; the reasons for Georgia's founding and the regulations set up by the trustees.
Economics 1 of 3 reasons for Georgia's founding. The English hoped that Georgia would be able to produce wine, rice, silk and indigo. (Crops and natural resources/raw materials)
Highland Scots From the Highland areas of Scotland. James Oglethorpe brought this group to Georgia to serve as soldiers for the colony.
Malcontent Colonists who complained about the trustee rules or regulations for the Georgia colony.
Mary Musgrove Woman who served as the translator for James Oglethorpe and Yamacraw Indian Chief Tomochichi.
James Oglethorpe (1696-1785)- one of the 21 members of the trustees who established Georgia; Only trustee to come to the colony and served as the military and governmental leader of the colony.
Royal governor Governor appointed by the English Monarch to run a colony.
Salzburgers Group of Protestants from Austria who were invited to settle in Georgia due to religious persecution they were experiencing in Europe. They were very industrious or hard working.
Savannah The first capital of Georgia; founded in 1733 by James Oglethorpe.
Tomochichi Was the chief of the Yamacraw Indians. He befriended James Oglethorpe and allowed him to establish the colony of Georgia on Yamacraw Indian territory.
Trustee Period (1732-1751)-The time period when Georgia was governed by the trustees.
Royal Georgia would transition to this kind of colony after the Trustee Period.
King Controlled the Georgia colony during the Royal Period of Georgia history. (He appointed a royal governor to serve.)
Jews Second group to settle the Georgia colony. A much needed medical doctor was among this group.
Colony A group of people who settle in a new land but who retain ties to their homeland or mother country.
Hernando de Soto Spanish explorer who traveled through Georgia searching for gold.
Mercantilism England wanted to export more than they imported, thus desired to make money from raw materials found in the colonies. What was this economic policy called?
Creek and Cherokee Two Native American Indian groups that lived in Georgia at the time of European contact
Convert the Native Americans to Christianity The main purpose of Spanish missions located throughout Georgia's barrier islands:
Charter A document that grants special rights and privileges. (Signed by the king and allowed Georgia to become a colony.)
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