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Bleu L14

Discovering French Today! Bleu

aller to go
je vais I go I am going I do go
tu vas you go (informal) you are going (informal) you do go (informal)
il va he goes he is going he does go
elle va she goes she is going she does go
nous allons we go we are going we do go
vous allez you go (formal) you are going (formal) you do go (formal)
ils vont they (m) go they (m) are going they (m) do go
elles vont they (f) go they (f) are going they (f) do go
Vas-y! Come on! Go ahead! Do it!
Va-t'en! Go away!
Allons-y! Let's go!
au to the (m, sing, consonant)
à la to the (f, sing, consonant)
à l' to the (singular vowel)
aux to the (plural)
un endroit place
un match game
une boum party
un événement event
un pique-nique picnic
une fête party
un concert concert
un rendez-vous appointment, date
une soirée evening party
un film movie
arriver to arrive
rentrer to return home
rester to stay
à pied by foot
à vélo by bike
en voiture by car
en bus by bus
en train by train
en métro by subway
en taxi by taxi
faire une promenade à pied to go for a walk
faire une promenade à vélo to go for a bike ride
faire une promenade en voiture to go for a car ride
chez + name at the house of
aller + infinitive talk about near future
Created by: mme.nyenhuis