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AH1 Unit 1

American History I Exploration and Colonization

How did humans migrate of humans into the Americas? Bering Land Bridge
What were the effects of the Agricultural Revolution on mankind? development of villages, growth of population, dependability on food supply
What was the Iroquois League? union of Native Americans to keep peace, established "Great Binding Law" that worked as a constitution
What were Southeastern Native American groups was located in present day states like North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee and reached as many as 20,000 people before contact? Cherokee
What product was the most instrumental in bringing Europeans to embrace African Slavery? sugar
What period is best known for certain European nations beginning to break off from the Catholic Church forming “Protestant” faiths? Reformation
What was a Portuguese ship that was able to incorporate many improvements in technology to allow for ships to sail in shallow water and carry up to 130 tons? caravel
What explorer is best known sailing to the southern tip of Africa at the Cape of Good Hope and continued on to India? Vasco de Gama
What explorer is known for creating and building astronomical and geographical schools? Prince Henry the Navigator
Why did King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella fund Columbus' voyage? wanted to beat Portugal to India via all-water route
What were the reasons for Spanish exploration? gold, glory, God
How did Columbus try to convert the natives to Christianity? capture them
For which explorer were the continents of North and South America named? Amerigo Vespucci
What crop from the Americas helped Europe feed four times as many people? potato
What animal that is eaten (especially at Thanksgiving) was originally found in the Americas? turkey
What is the name of the division of the "New World" addressed in the Treaty of Tordesillas by the Pope? Line of Demarcation
Which European countries were the subject of theTreaty of Tordesillas? Spain and Portugal
What civilization did Pizarro take over? Inca
What civilization did Cortes conquer? Aztec
What economic activity did the French undertake in their North American colonies? fur trading
What current day state on the Atlantic coast did the Spanish set up a colonial city, which is the oldest in the country? Florida
What current day state on the Mississippi River was claimed by the French? Louisiana
What is a joint stock colony? colonies set up by a group of investors
What is the purpose of a joint stock colony? make money for investors
What is the harsh time experienced by the settlers of Jamestown? Starving Time
Why was Jamestown threatened by the Powhatan? lack of communication
What colonial region was based on agriculture? southern
What colonial region was known for religious tolerance? middle
What colonial region was known for shipbuilding? New England
Who was the leader that emerged at Jamestown? John Smith
What early English colony disappeared? Lost Colony
What was important about the Mayflower Compact? self governing document
What was important about the House of Burgesses? representative government
What crop did John Rolfe introduce to Virginia, resulting in a cash crop for the colony? tobacco
What is a royal colony? one directly controlled by the king
What is a proprietary colony? one established through a land grant to an individual or individuals
What is an example of a self-governing colony? Massachusetts
What did John Winthrop's phrase, "City Upon a Hill" mean? colonies must be a moral example for the world
For which religious group was the colony of Pennsylvania primarily founded? Quakers
What religious group settled the Plymouth colony? Pilgrims
What religious group wanted to break away from the Church of England? Separatists
What religious group wanted to reform or "purify" the Church? Puritans
What method did the Virginia Company use to attract settlers to the colony? headright system
What region was called the "breadbasket" of Colonial America? middle
What is a self-governing colony? one ran independently of the king
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