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7-1 south carolina standards

What was the name of the main English colonies 13 colonies
What is capitalism an economic system that features private ownership and means of production
Where are the english colonies located? Atlantic coast of North America
What is another name for capitalism? Frere enterprise/Free Market
What is mercantilism? A belief in the benefits of profitable trading?
What is the Middle Passage? The sea journey taken by slaves from West Africa to the West Indies
What was the result of the Age of exploration? Transatlantic Slave trade, power, wealth, disease, Christianity Columbian Exchange
What effect did the creation of middle class have on Europe? Created classes, wealth,
Which European Country was the first to launch large scale exploration voyages? Portugal
Who discovered the first all water route to Asia? Vasco De Gama
Which colonial power controlled most of the land in the new world? Spain
Who controlled what is now Brazil and what language did they speak? Portuguese / Dona Maria
What is a line of demarcation? a boundary marking something off from something else
Which country created the East India company that controlled the Indian Ocean Trade? Great Britain
What is the Columbian Exchange? the widespread transfer of goods. (animals, humans, technology)
What is astrolabe? A tool used to make astronomical meausrements
What technology helped determine the direction in which a person was traveling? Compass
Why did the Europeans want to explore and colonize Africa, Asia, and the Americas? to have sea passages to other countries
How did the Renaissance affect European Explorations of North America made people curious, enrich the country
Which religion only appeared in Asia after European exploration of North America? Christianity
What effect did the slave trade have on Africa? broken families
What crop wereslaves originally used to grow? tobacco
What colonial power controlled what is now the country of Brazil? Portugal
Why were slaves brought into Southern British colonies in North America? Farm land/ slave labor
What is the triangular trade? a multilateral system of trading in which a country pays for its imports from one countryby its exports to another
Created by: lkmurray
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