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Colonial B-Day 7-8

Indentured Servant person who worked in the colonies for period of 3 to seven years in exchange for passage, food, housing, clothing; system resulting from labor shortage in colonies.
trianglar trade A trade of raw materials for finished goods and slaves
Middle Passage Voyage from Africa to America used to transport slaves.
democracy government by the people
Magna Carta This Limted King John of England's power. For example the document established the right to a trial by jury but only for nobles.
writ of habeas corpus colonalists that were held for trial would be safe from arrest and imprisonment without a trial
Parliament The legislature of Great Britain
Representative government System of government in which voters elect representatives to make laws for them.
rule of law the restriction of the arbritrary exercise of power by subordinating it to well-defined and established law
enlightenment Eithteen-century movement that emphasized science and reason as key to improving society
social contract the idea that people agreed to give up some rights and powers to a government that would provide for their safety and well-being.
Mayflower Compact This compact was a contract in which the colonists consented to be governed by a government that they created
Salutary Neglect marked by weak enforcement of laws regulating colonial trade; a healthy ignoring of colonial affairs
Mercantilism economic theory that a nations strength comes from building up its gold supplies, converting raw materials into finished goods for sale, and expanding trade
Articles of Confederation A loose alliance between the 13 colonies and the first government of the United States
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