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R. I. History Ch. 2

Questions on Chapter Two of Rhode Island by Sylvia McNair

True or False: When Europeans arrived in Rhode Island they found many cities and towns already built by indians. False
Native Americans first came to the New England regions______ year ago. 12,000
Indians grew corn, beans, squash, pumpkins, cucumbers and _______. Tobacco
The first Europeans came to New England in _____. 1500 A.D.
Giovanni da Verrazzano sailed into _________ ____ in 1524 Narragansett Bay
True or False. Native Americans benefitted greatly by the arrival of the Europeans. False
Indians suffered from European diseases such as Measles and _________ which were unknown in the New World so there was no __________ smallpox, immunity
Roger Williams was a __________. Pastor
Roger Williams found a lot that he disagreed with in the Massachusetts Bay colony including its religious practices and treatment of ___________ Indians
Roger Williams did not think it right that settlers had rights to Indian __________. Land
Roger Williams most challenging belief to the New England religious culture was his belief in separation of ____________ and ___________ Church and state
True or false: Most colonist in Massachusetts left England so that they would practice their religion as they pleased but did not bleieve that anyone new coming to Massachusetts could practice religion different from themselves. True
Roger Williams thought that anyone could practice religion as they pleased or not even practive any religion. This branded Williams as a _________ in Masachusetts. So he had to move. Heretic
Roger Williams left (escaped) to the swampy wilderness south of Massachusetts and after traveling through swmaps and wilderness found a spot near a good spring of fresh water and decided to settle there. He called it ___________ Providence
After Providence, the next three settlements in Rhode Island were: ______ _________ _________. Portsmouth, Newport and Warwick.
Massachusetts and ____________ joined together to try to take over Rode Island. Connecticut
Roger Williams' charter from the English Parliment in 1644 was for what place? "the Providence Plantations in Narragansett Bay"
Rhode Island became known as a haven for people persecuted elsewhere for their ________ ______. religious beliefs
Portsmouth, R.I. was first known as: Pocasset
Anne Hutchinson and Mary Dyer were both dissetents banished from Boston. Which one was hanged on the Boston Common Mary Dyer
The founder of Warwick was: _______ Samuel Gorton
Which of the following were not early settlers of Rhode Island: Antinomians, Quakers, Huguenots, Roman Catholics Roman Catholics
Which 200 year old house of worship is in Newport, RI? Touro Synagogue
The first Baptist Church was founded by Roger Williams in what city? Providence
Created by: donbyrd