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Unit 2 TEST review

Physical Geography of Europe

Can you find Europe on a World Map? United Kingdom? visit the Interactive map of Europe or the Slides and click on Targets
Which peninsula is NOT in southern Europe? Iberian Peninsula, Italian Peninsula, Balkan Peninsula, Scandinavian Peninsula? The Scandinavian Peninsula is in Northern Europe.
Which major geographic features takes up a large part of Europe? The European Plain
Which is not a result of climate change in Europe? heat waves increasing, rising sea levels, drought conditions, hotter, drier weather in the south Drought conditions are not a result of climate change in Europe
Name 3 ways civilians were exposed to radiation from Chernobyl. eating contaminated agricultural products, contact with radioactive dust and debris, exposure to a radioactive cloud
define transboundary going across boundaries example: pollution is created in one country and travels to other countries=transboundary pollution
How did the Chernobyl blast affect the environment? It contaminated a 1,000 square mile area with radioactivity
Air pollution from automobile emissions in the UK can be described by stating: Particulates from auto emissions have caused the loss of over 300,000 life years in the UK. People are not living as long.
The UK has reduced coal consumption. What is the negative impact this has had on the country? Job loss because of environmental laws.
Why was Chernobyl the worst nuclear disaster in Europe's history? It released more nuclear fallout/waste than any other accident in Europe's history
What has Germany's government attempted to do to remedy/fix acid rain? Decrease the use of the country's fossil fuels
What is biodiversity? the variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem.
Why have European governments protected areas from development? To protect the biodiversity
What are some concerns with Germany's acid rain? damage to statues and buildings, contamination of drinking water, harm to natural habitats
The European Union has proposed that Europe will take steps to address climate change by..... reducing greenhouse emissions by 40 %
Why would England have to import tropical fruits from other countries? England would have to import fruits because the climate is not conducive for growing tropical fruits therefore they fruits are SCARCE
During the Industrial Revolution, why were industries located on rivers? Mills and industrial equipment was driven by water power
How does the Gulf Stream/Atlantic Current affect Germany's natural resources? Germany is a major agricultural producer because of the water current's warming influence
Which country has seen the most grown in farming since the early 21st century? Italy or the Italian Republic
The Triangular Trade between Europe, Africa, and the Americas was dominated by which country? US, British Empire, Spanish Empire THE BRITISH EMPIRE
Which water routes does Germany benefit from? The North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Rhine River
Which of the following are the main exports from Russia to the European Union? energy resources
Where is the Volga River located? Russia
Russia exports _____________ to the European Union. energy resources
What does "The Sun Never Set on the British Empire" mean? At its peak the British Empire was the largest empire the world had ever known. The sun was always shining on at least one of its numerous colonies or subject nations.
What was the Triangular Trade? It was trading between Europe (The Old World), Africa, and the Americas (the New World).
Created by: ssha13
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