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map skills and European

Cardinal directions north south east west
intermediate direction northwest southwest southeast southwest
map symbol for a capital city circle with a star in it
island country that has a massive air pollution problem United Kingdom
tool on map used to determine distance between places scale
Two important rivers that flow through Germany Rhine & Danube
land suitable for farming arable
mountain range that forms border between Spain & France Pryenees
countries on the Iberian Peninsula Portugal & Spain
countries on the Scandinavian Peninsula Norway & Sweden
typical weather pattern for a country or region climate
body of water that narrowly separates UK from France English Channel
European country that cannot access its natural resources due to permafrost Russia
type of map used to see where mountain ranges are located physical map
this country struggles with the aftermath of nuclear explosion Ukraine
things that come from an area (coal, oil) can be used or sold natural resource
most cities located near ____________ to help with trade waterways
European country shaped like boot, Alps in north: Mediterranean Sea in south Italy
How fast a population grows population growth rate
an exact location as written in degrees latitude & longitude absolute location
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