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history chapter 2

History chap 2 quiz for test

Iberian Peninsula Spain and Portugal
quadrant let sailors know their location/latitude
compass show the direction yo are traveling
small triangular sail help sailors travel into the wind
square sail gave ship its power
Latitude measure distance from the equator
caravans brought goods to the middle east
tacking zig zag motion into the wind
DaGama reaching India after sailing for a year
Prince Henry worked to help his nation become skilled at exploration
Columbus thought he could sail west across the Atlantic Ocean to reach Asia
Dias explored the coast of Africa for Portugal
Queen Isabella paid for Columbus's voyage
October 12, 1492 Columbus set foot on the Americas
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria 3 ships Columbus used to sail to the new world
Pope declared Indians humans with souls
Las Casas thought treating the Indians poorly was wrong, became a monk to write about their mistreatment. Came back to America as a bishop
Columbus thought Indians could be forced to become Christians and made good slaves
Spanish thought Indians should be catholics or slaves, and that they were free to conquer the indians
New France the explorers found good fishing ground near Newfoundland
New Netherlands the capital was New Amsterdam
Roanoke Humphrey Gilbert and Walter Raleigh warned their country's leaders that Spain was becoming too powerful
New Netherlands Peter Minuit was the governor and bought the use of Manhattan Island form the Indians
New France the name of the trading town was Quebec
Roanoke Goal was to bring wealth and power to their country and give the gospel to the Indians
Roanoke they all disappeared
New Netherlands Peter Stuyvesant wanted the colony to be godly
New France Samuel de Champlain made an agreement with the Iroquois and Hurons
small triangular sail allows ships to sail into the wind
compass allows the sailors to know what direction they are going
quadrant helps calculate the angle of the sun
Columbus set foot on American in 1492
Da Gama wanted to be the first to sail from Europe to India
Dias explored the coast of Africa for Portugal
Las Casas became a monk and wrote about the mistreatment of Indians
Prince Henry helped Portugal become skilled at exploration
the pope declared Indians to be humans with souls
Canary Islands where columbus went after sailing along the coast of Africa
Jamestown choose a poor spot to build their colony, and would not work
Captain John Smith forced out of the colony
Powhatan leader of the Indians tribe, where the people of Jamestown settled
Separatist group of people who separated from the Church of England and started their own church
Puritans a group of people who wanted to purify the church by removing false teachings
Charles the first determined to put an end to puritanism
Salem the first town the Puritans started
John Winthrop leader of Massachusetts Bay Colony
indentured servants people who agreed to work for a certain amount of time to pay off a debt
Powhatan chief of several woodland indian tribes in the Chesapeake Bay area
Puritans wanted to purify the church by removing false teachings
Separatist Did not think the church of england would change, started their own church according to God's word
John Smith captain who made the colonists at Jamestown work
John Winthrop first governor of Massachusetts Bay colony who wanted a community of Christian love
Created by: misskatievance