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Ch. 1 US History

Chapter 1 Test

Glacier Thick sheet of ice
Irrigation A method to water crops by channeling water from rivers or streams
Surplus Extra food that can be stored or used as trade
Civilization An advanced culture in which people have developed cities, science and industries
Culture A way of life
Culture Areas Regions in which groups of people have similar way of life
Kayak Small boats made from skins
Potlatch A ceremony at which the hosts showered their guests with gifts
Adobe A shelter made of sun dried brock
Clan Groups or families of people that were related to one another
Sachem A tribal cheif
Agriculture A process of growing food for consumption, storage or trade
Ice Bridge A frorzen area allowing people to travel from continent to continent
Migration The movement of people and animals for survival
Nomad A tribe that have no permanent home but travel from place to place in search of food
Ice Age Time in earths history were much of the earth and earths water was frozen
Theory An educated guess of how something happened
Mayans An early civilization in the Americas existing from 250 AD to 900 AD
Aztecs An early civilization that existed in present day Mexico City
Incas The largest civilization in the world existing in the 1400's. It was in South America
What development did the Mayans create? The Mayans developed arts, a system of government, and a written language.
What major achievement allowed the Incans to interact with the cites of their Empire? The Incans created an intricate system of roads allowing them to interact with the cites of their empire.
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