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ss ch 5

What river? Indus
Where at? India, subcontinent, above the flood line
Why were the cities built here? fertile soil, Farmers grow food, City developed, transportation
Why is India called a subcontinent? its Large body of land cut off from the rest of Asia
How did the city of Harappa try to regulate trade? They built walls
name three different groups of people merchants would have traded with and what each group would have traded. Farmers, Wheat, cotton, dates, 2. Artisan,Pots,cloth 3. Mesapotaina,China, Gold, silver, gems
how the city was like Cops, traded, grid, houses, plumbing, high ground
How did the Harappan civilization end? Give two possible ways. 1. The river changed coursed 2. Natural disaster
Subcontinent its Large body of land cut off from the rest of the continent
Regulate To regulate means to control according to a set of rules.
artisan craft-workers
inscription written messages.
assimilate made a part of, other cultures.
Location eastern china
What mountain range divides China and India? Himalayas
Why was the Huang He or Yellow River so important? Rich soil farmer used the rich soil
Why is the Xia not considered the 1st dynasty? No evidence has been found
how would you describe the Shang and what were they known for? Army's, mean and powerful,bronzes weapons
What made it easier to for all people in China to communicate with each other? Standard the writeing Made it easier for ,trading,for writing,laws
What caused the fall of the Shang dynasty? The king was a tyrant the country was weak and the Zhu attacked
Ancestor A deceased relative who lived longer ago than a grandparent.
Standardize To make all things of a certain kind alike.
Tyrant A cruel ruler.
Mandate An order for or a right to something.
Created by: Aleehorselover17
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