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Native American test

A review of Native Americans

The ________________ theory explains the first people crossed from Asia to North American on land that was exposed by frozen oceans. land bridge
The first people to live in North American in which they traveled from place to place were called _________________. hunter gatherers
The ________________ lived in Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Colorado and Utah. They lived in apartment-like houses. Southwest
The ____________ lived in plank houses. Pacific Northwest
The Plains depended on ___________ to meet many of their needs. buffalo
The ____________ lived in today's Nevado, Idaho, and Utah. Great Basin
The __________ lived in the region from Canada to Texas. Plains
The ___________ lived from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean. Eastern Woodlands
Both the Great Basin and the Plains __________________. frequently migrated
The physical environment of the Great Basin included ___________. deserts, mountains, and rivers
The physical environment of the Plains included _______________. rolling hills, flat grassy land, and few trees
______________ are important to the culture of the Pacific Northwest. totem poles
All Native American groups ______________. used natural resources in their environments
The Eastern Woodlands lived in _____________ (houses) longhouses
The Plains and Great Basin lived in ________________ (houses) tepees
The Pacific Northwest lived in ______________. (houses) plank houses
The Southwest lived in ______________. (houses) pueblos
Created by: lheppeard