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The French Revolutio

Louis XIV The absolute monarch know as the "sun king" had a motto which meant i am the state
Third Estate commoners paid all of the taxes
Palace of Versailles french king's residence which took 27 years to build left France in a debt
Louis XVI
Marie Antoinette
Estates General
Tennis Court Oath
Declaration. of the Rights of Man
Storming of the Bastille
Great Fear
March on Versailles
Directory In 1795 the Constitution created this 5-person executive branch which Napoleon overthrew
Second Estate Nobility which was 1.5% of the population paid no taxes
Constitution of 1791 A early document establishing a constitutional monarchy in France which had Louis XVI at its head
American Revolution Was a rebellion against the British king, that inspired the French to question their own monarchy
Jacobins A radical activist club in the French Revolution that sponsored the Reign of Terror
Reign of Terror/Radical Republic A ferocious period between June 1793 and July 1794 ; also mass executions of "enemies of revolution"
Maximilien Robespierre Know as "The Incorruptible" he was the leader of the French Revolution during the Reign of Terror
Guillotine the device used to carry out executions by decapitation ("off with their heads!")
Napoleon Born a corsican military leader who became the emperor of France and conqueror of Western Europe
Lycées Napoleon opened public schools based on students' merit, not their wealth
Napoleonic Code An influential document made in 1804 that clearly stated the equal laws of France and provided freedom of religion
Battle of Waterloo
First Estate
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