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Location, Climate, N

UK, Germany, Italy, Russia Location, climate, and Natural Resources

What is the main cause of Acid Rain? coal burning factories and car emissions
What did Germany do to try and fix the problem with acid rain? They changed coal power plants to water power plants
What is the main cause of the UK's air pollution? factory smoke
How is the UK trying to solve the air pollution problem? encourage less driving by increasing the price of gasoline per gallon.
What was the worst nuclear disaster in history? Chernobyl, Ukraine's nuclear reactor blowing up
What is the climate of European Russia? cold winter and cool summers with not much rain
What do German's export? food, instruments, machinery, cars; Germany mainly trades with European Union countries, Switzerland, Japan and the US
what's the definition for URBAN? CITY area where most people live - higher population density
what's the definition for RURAL? country area where fewer people live =lower population density
Where do most people live in Germany? in URBAN areas near the Rhine River
Which country has one of the strongest economy's in Europe? Germany
What is Germany's most important industry? manufacturing
What land feature does north-central Germany have? the European Plain
Describe Germany's land - from the north, central, and southern regions. northern Germany = flat land, central Germany = hills, southern Germany = mountainous
Climate of Western Germany mild winter, cool summer with rain all year
Natural Resources of Germany Rhine River, arable land, coal and timber
Where do most people live in Russia? The European side of Russia (western Russia)is more densely populated.
What 3 factors affect climate? distance from ocean, latitude, and vertical climate. warm ocean breezes warm the land, the farther one goes from the Equator, the colder it gets. Vertical Climate = the higher one travels up a mountain, the colder it gets.
What is the climate of the UK like? mild climate with rainfall year-round. Warm waters/ocean winds moderate climate and keep the winters mild (Atlantic Current)
What are the natural resources of the UK? coal, oil, natural gas, iron ore, fishing, some arable land
Where is the UK located? a country of islands off the NW coast of mainland Europe, in the ATLANTIC OCEAN
What is United Kingdom"s Solution to their problem of air pollution? less driving from gasoline. Charge more for gas ($8.00/gallon) = less driving
How does NATURE play a role in Germany's Acid Rain problem? the air currents carry toxic smoke from other countries (specifically the UK) to Germany
Where do people live in the United Kingdom? urban areas mainly in the southern region
What does the UK use to trade with other countries? manufactured goods, farming products, natural resources
Where do people mostly live in Russia most people live on the European side of Russia because of the climate and job availability and its closer to other European countries, so trading is easier.
What is the climate of Asian Russia like? climate is extreme and has permafrost
Natural resources of Russia timber, gold, coal, iron ore, Volga River
What environmental issues plague Europe? air pollution, acid rain, radioactive waste or nuclear fallout
How did the rest of the world discover that there had been an accident in Chernobyl, Ukraine? Radiation levels were high at other European countries so they told the U.S.A
What problems did exposure to large amounts of radiation cause? Children were born with deformities and their skin turned brown. Their skin fell off and hair also fell out.
What did they Russians build to try to handle the radiation problem? they built a concrete top to place over the nuclear disaster site.
Who did the radiation affect? All the people throughout Europe.
What problems did the radiation cause to be unsafe? unsafe water, land, livestock, and food supplies
Does Russia have farmland? Russia has some farmland, they have to import most meat.
What types of industries for trade does Russia have? machinery and mining products
What is permafrost? the ground is frozen year-round minus 3 months where the top layer thaws enough to grow small wild flowers and mosses.
Define the word ARABLE farmable land with fertile soil
The United Kingdom is an island nation. Why is it good that they have arable land? The UK grows 60% of its food. This is GOOD so that they don't have to import foods from other countries.
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