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Varying Regional Characteristics? Religious , Social , Political , Economic.
3 Colonial Regions? New England ( Massachusetts) , Mid-Atlantic ( Pennsylvania) , Southern ( Virginia And South Carolina.
What was the first Successful English Settlement Was? Jamestown , VA in 1607.
Religious dissenters , such as Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson? Exiled.
Roger Williams believed in what? He believed that the government couldn't force religion.
Anne Hutchinson believed in what? He believed individuals could interpret the Bible.
What was Pennsylvania founded by? The Quakers ( William Penn).
What is the Act Of Toleration? Lord Baltimore of Maryland promoted the Act in order to protect the rights of Catholics in thee colony.
The Church of England was established the? Church Of The South
Religion did not play a large role until the what? Great Awakening ( 1730s)
Indentured Servant what? Agrees to serve 4-7 years to pay off a debt ( usually the coast of transportation to the colonies.
The Plantation System is what? Impeded the development of towns and schools due to their large land holding.
Magna Carta was? ( Medieval bill of rights)
Parliament was? ( Representatives)
Town Meetings was? Representatives where sent from each town.
Virginia's House Of Burgesses? Only landowners could vote. Dependence on slavery and the plantation economy meant those with the most power.
Coastal Trade was? New England - Boston , Mid-Atlantic- New York , Southern- Charles town.
The Magna Carta what? The Magna Carta recognized he rights of Englishmen.
The Rule Of Law is? Is a principle that states every member of society must obey the law , even the king.
what is the English bill of rights? It is reinforced previous beliefs and introduced new freedoms.
what was the Mayflower Compact? It is Exemplified the principle that a government derives its authority from the people. (etc)
what is the Glorious Revolution? Due to 100 years of struggle between the king and parliament.
King James was overthrown by who? Overthrown by William and Mary.
What is John Locke Natural Rights? Life , Liberty , and Property.
What is the Social Contract Theory That the government governs with the consent of the governed ( power comes from the citizens)
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