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yellow sheet notes

What did James Oglethorpe do in contribution of Georgia ? He wanted to improve conditions in prison for people that are in there due to debt
What was The charter of 1732 The charter of 1732 stated that lawyers , Catholics liquor dealers , and people with black skin could not become colonists in Georgia
what are the reasons for settlement in Georgia? charity , defense , and economy
What is Tomochichi's importance ? Tomochichi chief of the yamacraw Indians , settles the ship Ann on yamacraw bluff and they established the first colonial city known ass Savannah (:
How to Mary Musgrove contribute to the founding of the colony ? Mary's mother was creek Indian and her father was a British trader , therefore she spoke both creek Indian and English so she could translate (:
Where and when was Savannah settled ? Savannah was settled 18 miles from the mouth of the Savannah river and in 1733
Who were the Salzburgers ? they were colonists from Austria that were German Protestants
why were the highland scots important and what did they do to contribute to the colony ? they contributed to by having defense and they settled in Darien
What was Fort King George's purpose ? It was a fort where troops housed
What were the malcontents upset about ? They were upset because they wanted slavery in Georgia
Why did the French , Spanish , and English colonize the new world ? Charity , Defense and Economy
Where was Savannah settled and when ? Savannah was settled in November 1732
Created by: drakelover1
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