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L.A 7hr vocab words

What is the meaning of appall? To be filled with horror, amazement, and shock. syn: horrify ant: pleased, calm, console The police were "blank" at the huge number of homicides.
What is that meaning of blasé? To be uninterested;unexcited syn: bored ant:awed The millionaire seemed to be "blank" at the idea of buying three new cars.
What is the meaning of feint? To pretend in order to deceive an opponent or divert attention away from the real target. syn: deceive, trick He scored the touchdown by "blank" left and running right.
What is the meaning of integral? Necessary to form a whole Bow ties an "blank" part of tuxedos. syn: important ant: unnecessary
what is the meaning or lurid? Causing shock or horror. The victim gave "blank", but accurate, account of accident. syn: shocking sensational ant: mild
what is the meaning of nominal? So small or low in relation to the real value as to be mere token syn: apparent, insignificant ant: actual, noble The bank transaction carried a "blank" charge.
What is the meaning of persistent? Lasting; unceasing; preserving; enduring The boy was so "blank" that his parents finally let him go to the party. syn: stubborn, determined
What is the meaning of seismic? Having a strong or great impact; of, subject to, or caused by an earthquake or shock syn: major ant: minor, unimportant Ending the Communist rule in Russia was an event of "blank" praportions
What is the meaning of skeptical? Doubting or disbelieving syn: doubtful ant: convinced Most people are "blank about the existence of UFO's.
What is the meaning of whimsical? playful; fanciful syn: capricious ant: serious Cartoons are filled with "blank" characters
Created by: AmyaMarie12