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Ottomans and Israel

vocabulary for Quiz on Thursday

Zionism the idea and movement that led many Jews to return to Palestine
Anti-Semitism a hatred of Jews or Judaism
Holocaust the death of millions of Jews during WWII
United Nations an organization that created Israel after WWII
Irrationally to draw conclusions without facts
assassination to kill a leader or important person
deposed to force a leader from his position
figurehead a leader without real power
conviction to find a person guilty of a crime
stability the ability to stay up or hold together
Palestine the former name given to the area that became Israel
disintegrate to break apart into small pieces
restoration to fix back or repair
Istanbul the capital of the Ottoman Empire
Osman the first Ottoman sultan
World War I this event caused the Ottoman's to lose their empire
Europe, Africa and Asia the three continents the Ottoman's conquered
Suleyman he expanded the Ottoman Empire and was its greatest leader
France and England two countries that took over Ottoman territories
Created by: daniel.king



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