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Heritage Studies 4

Lesson 1 Test

Which branch carries out the laws? The Executive Branch
Which branch makes the laws The Legislative Branch
Which branch decides if the laws have been broken? The Judicial Branch
According to historians, how did people come to the Americas before the Europeans discovered them? The Bering Strait
How did the War of 1812 begin? America declared War on Great Britain.
What caused the French and Indian War? The British and French claimed the same land west of the British Colonies.
The Executive Branch is led by whom? The President and Vice President
Who is in the Legislative Branch? Congress (The Senate and The House of Representatives)
Who makes up the Judicial Branch Judges
What is the name of the 9 Judges that lead the Judicial Branch The Supreme Court
Name the English Evangelist who traveled to the American colonies that helped lead to the Great Awakening. George Whitfield
Name of American general who defeated the British and took Indian lands away. General Andrew Jackson
What is the name for a person or organization that pays people to work? An employer
Give one reason the colonists did not want to pay the British taxes. 1. The taxes were collected mainly because of the costs of the French and Indian War. Since the colonists had done much of the fighting themselves, they didn't think they should have to pay.
Give another reason the colonists did not want to pay the British taxes. 2. Since the colonists were not allowed to vote on the laws the British government made for them, they shouldn't have to pay.
Created by: browder5