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Social Studies Test

Governmnent Unit 1

Consent of the Governed the citizens of the country give their permission for the government to operate
Representative Government the citizens elect representatives that make decisions for the people and are responsible to the people
Rule of Law that no person is above the law
Individual rights are things every person has a claim or privilege to have for themselves
Check and Balances are limits that keep the government's power under control
510 BCE Parts of__________become democratic Ancient Greece
150 CE The height of the________empire Roman
1100 CE The foundation of the________ nation the Iroquois
1215 CE The_________is written in England Magna Carta
1689 CE ________publishes a work on natural rights John Locke
1748 CE ________wrote that power must be divided Montesquieu
is a government in which one person has all the power. 2 main types of __________. Autocracy
a king or queen rules the country: Autocracy. Their power usually comes through their family line. Monarchy
is a from of government where one leader has absolute control over citizens' lives: Autocracy. Dictatorship
citizens hold the power political power. 2 main types of __________. Democracy
citizens elect leaders to represent their rights and interests in government. Citizens hold the ultimate power. Representative democracy
Citizens are directly involved in the day-to-day work of governing the country. There are no representatives. Direct democracy
a small group of people has all the power. One political power, one social class, or one race. Oligarchy
a government that recognizes God or a divine being as the ultimate authority. It can be a democracy, dictatorship, monarchy, or any kind of government. Theocracy
Nobody is in control or everyone is, depending on how you look at it. Anarchy
is a body of people living in a defined space, with the power to make and enforce laws, and with an organization to do this. State
is the group of people who are the members or citizens of a state. Population
A state's_________ is the area in which a state's rule applies. Territory
is the ability to rule absolutely within a territory. With the power to make and enforce laws without having to check with any higher authority. Sovereignty
The relationship they will have with other another state. Foreign Policy
is the organization inside a state that controls the actions and polices of the state. Government
Current Secretary of State John Kerry
Rule by god or higher power Theocracy
Rule by a single person who gained power through force Dictatorship
Rule by king or queen Monarchy
Rule by the citizenry or public without representatives Direct Democracy
Rule by one Autocracy
Rule by the people Democracy
Rule by the people with elected representatives Representative Democracy
Countryside Rural
Immigrants arrive in the United States with a legal visa. Step 1
Immigrants apply for permanent resident status. Step 2
Legal residents who have been in the country for at least 5 years. Step 3
Applicants take an English and civics test. Step 4
Applicants are interviewed by the U.S Citizenship and Immigrant services (USCIC). Step 5
Applicants pledge and oath of allegiance and receive Citizenship in a formal ceremony. Step 6
Life, Liberty, and the persuade of happiness The 3 Natural Rights- John Locke
Executive(President), Legislative(Congress), and Judaical(courts). The Three Branches
When the President of the United States wants to create a law he must go to congress with his idea. Checks and Balances
People elect representatives on both the state and national level to speak for them in the government Representative Government
By electing officials in or voting them out, people give their approval to the government. Consent of the Governed
The people are the source of all government authority. Representative Government
Our Bill of Rights protects the rights of the U.S citizens. Individual Rights
The national government and states' governments have divided up certain responsibilities of government. Checks and Balances
The President of the United States must follow the Constitution and the laws of the country. Rule of Law
The law protects all people, even those in the minority. Individual Rights
Citizens vote for President every four years. Consent of the Governed
City Urban
Make laws, protecting the laws, inside the state, helps its citizens by providing services people need. Four main roles of Government
small group of people usually military officers who rule a country after taking it over by force. Gunta
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