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H Chapter 12

chapter review

During what battle was our national anthem written Fort McHenry
who wrote our National Anthem Francis Scott Key
many brave men fought for Texas' independence at a small fort known as the Alamo
Who won the war of 1812 no one
which president bought Florida from Spain James Monroe
Who led Lewis and Clark through the Wilderness Sacagawea
How much larger was the U.S. after the Louisiana Purchase doubled in size
Where did the Whitmans serve as missionaries Oregon
Whom did President Jefferson send to explore the Louisiana Territory Lewis and Clark
Who was the pioneer who blazed the Wilderness Trail Daniel Boone
Which piece of land was purchased to build a railroad on the Gadsden Purchase
What important natural resource was found in California gold
who was the first person to write schoolbooks for American's children Noah Webster
Who was chosen to lead the Texans in their fight for independence Sam Houston
What were Lewis and Clark sent to explore the Louisiana Purchase
The early settlement in Kentucky named for Daniel Boone was.. Boonesborough
Which territory later became the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin Northwest territory
Created by: ddolan