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World Civ Unit 1

Religion, Science, and Prehistoric Man

Western World Northern Africa, the Middle East, and the entire continents of Europe, North America, and South America
3 Great Religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Torah Holy scripture of Judaism
Koran Holy scripture of Islam
Monotheism Belief in only one God
3 Characteristics of Yaweh Omnipotence: all-powerful Omniscience: all-knowing Omnipresence: all-present
Polytheism Belief in many Gods
Abraham "Chosen one" that the god of Judaism made a deal or "covenant" with. This covenant stated that God would select Abraham's people (the Jews) as the "chosen ones." Since they were nomadic in nature, God would also give the Jews a homeland to hold forever.
Ark of the Covenant Abraham's covenant with God was presumably written on paper. To protect it, the Jews built a box or vessel known as the Ark. The Jews carried it with them everywhere they went.
Ishmael Abraham's wife, Sarah, was barren. She arranged for Abraham to have a child with her maid-servant, Hagar. Ishmael is Abraham's and Hagar's son. Arab people are descendants of Abraham and Sarah through Ishmael. Arabs are descendants of Islam.
Isaac When Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90, they had a son together. This son is Isaac. The Jewish people are descendants of Abraham and Sarah through Isaac.
Promised Land Homeland promised in the covenant. Located on the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. Also known as Canaan Land, Zion, Beulah Land, Palestine, Israel, and Holy Land. The Jordan River flows through it and Jerusalem is located in it.
Jerusalem Located in Palestine, the "promised land." Capital of Israel. Arab Palestinians say Jerusalem belongs to them and that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel. The US government recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Obama does not acknowledge it.
Moses Leader who lead the Jews out of slavery in Egypt and returned them to the promise land. The escape was followed by 40 years of wandering the Sinai Peninsula, because Moses didn't know where he was going.
Exodus The Jews escape from Egypt, led by Moses.
10 Commandments During the Exodus, Moses went to Mt. Sinai and was visited by Yahweh to review the covenant. He presented Moses 10 rules, or commandments for his people that would help them live their daily lives in an ethical manner.
Ethical guideline The 10 commandments represent the concept that a person should live a certain way, in an ethical manner. All other religions of the time simply required sacrifices to the Gods without mention of a moral code of behavior.
2 Jewish Contributions Monotheism- Belief of one spiritual God called Yahweh, and Religion as an ethical guideline for how to live- by following the 10 commandments
Jesus Christ Christianity began with his birth
Mohammed Founder of Islam in 622 A.D.
BC/AD BC: Before Christ, and AD: Anno domini, or "year of our Lord"
BCE/CE Secularist take on BC and AD to remove Jesus as an important figure. BCE: Before common era, and CE: common era
Holy Bible A number of sacred writings produced by religious leaders of the Jews
Torah Also known as the Old Testament, written by Jews. Only includes the first five books of the bible.
Tanakh The larger Jewish holy scripture; Includes the Torah
Holy Bible Holy Scripture of Christianity (both old and new testaments)
Gregorian Calendar Solar calendar used today. Muslims use a separate, lunar calendar that is slightly shorter by 11-12 days.
Created by: Ashleighmwren
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