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Chapter 1, 2

Leif Ericson sailed from Iceland to Greenland then to Vinland
new ships were developed about 1440, they were narrower than earlier ones, they were easier to handle in rough water caravels
Prince of Portugal whose ship builders invented the caravel, was most important during this time for progress in exploration, wanted to explore western coast of Africa, what was his nickname Henry the Navigator
He hoped to obtain wealth for his country, convert natives, defeat Muslims by going southward and around them Prince Henry
proved that Europeans could bypass the Muslim Turks and trade directly with the Far East at huge profits, after he sold his cargo of spices and precious gems for sixty times the cost of the expedition-1498 India Vasco da Gama
3 small ships the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria, a crew of about 90 officers, on his third voyage he reached South America in 1498 Christopher Columbus
1499 he visited the mouth of the Amazon River in Brazil and a German mapmaker named the new land America Amerigo Vespucci
1519 left with 5 ships in search of a new route to the East, arrived in South America, named the Pacific Ocean, was killed in battle by natives, but one ship remained and its journey around the world lasted 3 years Ferdinand Magellan
1513 discovered Flordia, governor of Puerto Rico Ponce de Leon
practiced human sacrifice Aztecs
Spanish captured Montezumas successor, destroyed the temple on the pyramid and Aztecs were destroyed, Catholicism came to Mexico as a result, conquered Mexico Hernan Cortez
made 4 voyages to the New World Christopher Columbus
conquered Peru Pizzaro
John Wycliffe's followers were called Lollards
greed among princes, discontent among the princes and ___ among the Renaissance scholars were the real causes of the Protestant Revolt paganism
Luther's 2 basic teachings people are saved by faith alone and human nature is totally corrupt as the result of original sin
he felt the church had to be uprooted, he rejected authority, including the pope and the Church councils Martin Luther
he was an English priest teaching at Oxford, he denied that the pope was the Vicar of Christ on Earth and claimed the church should be subordinate to the state, believed Christians should only be guided by the bible John Wycliffe
should be called the Protestant Revolt Reformation
were guided by the ideal that man was made for God so their interest was centered on living according to His laws medieval scholars
admired the classic writings for their own sake, interest was centered on man and the human needs of the world new scholars
name meant "re-baptizers", wanted to remove all Catholic practices Anabaptism
mobs plundered monasteries, convents, churches, and castles, thousands of men fell in battle Peasants War
after the Peasants War Luther began to call for a religion run by the state, 2 nobles quickly agreed Elector John of Saxonly and the Landgrave Phillip of Hesse
defended the Church from the Muslim threat outside of Europe and the threat of the heretic within Europe, grandson of Ferdinand and Isabel of Spain Charles V
allowed the ruler of each German state to determine whether Catholicism or Lutheranism would be the religion of his territory Religious Peace of Augsburg
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