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The ridge and valley region a physiographic region of ga that lies between the blue ridge mountains and the Appalachian mountains
creek confederacy the creek confederacy is made up of 14 tribes such as yamacraw, yamese. Small tribes banded together as the confederacy to protect themselves against larger tribes
blue ridge region a physiographic region of GA located in the northeastern part of the state
barrier island an island that lies off the coast and protects the beaches by blocking much of the wind, sand, and water that erodes the mainland
Atlantic intercostal waterway a 1000 -mile-long-in-land-waterway that runs from NY to Miami, Florida
artifacts items such as pottery shards, weapons, tools and jewelry that were made by humans could also include fossils
application region a physiographic region of ga in the far northwestern corner of the state
green corn ceremony is a native American celebration and religious ceremony
okfenokee swamp is located in ga. it relative location starts at the bottom right of ga and goes up into Florida
absolute location identifies a precise position on the earths surface often stated in longitude and latitude
headman the chief or leader of a community or tribe
coastal plain a physiographic region of ga that runs from the piedmont platu
fall line the point at which hilly mountains lands meet the coastal plain
relative location describes where a place is compared with other places
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