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Cebuano Lesson 37

Lesson37 Ate Bebe

Balon Pack lunch
-bati To feel, sense
Bisan pa niana However, in spite of that
Bulag To separate
Busa Therefore
-gutom To be hungry
Galamiton Cool
-higugma To love
Hinuon On the contrary
Kahayag Light
Kanta Song
Kanunay Always
Kapoy Tired
Laktod Short cut
Lamang Only, alone
-lung-ag To cook rice
Mahitungod About
Manluluwas Saviour
Mao na nga Therefore, that's why
Nan So, then,
Ni Nor, or
Ni..ni Neither, nor
-priso To be put in prison
As Laing bahin In other words
Sa ato pa Therefore, consequently
-sayaw To dance
-siga Glow, light, shine
Sud-an Viand
-sunog To burn
Tinguha Desire
Uban Other, others
Ulan Rain
Created by: gripino