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Chapter 13

arbitration a process where a dispute is submitted to an outside third party who brings a binding decision
prohibition legally banning the manufacture, sale, and consumption of alcohol
Alice Paul RADICAL LEADER who picketed the White House to call attention to the women's suffrage movement
Square Deal term for Theodore Roosevelt's plans to reform America
Susan B. Anthony foremost leader and one of the founding members of the women's suffrage movement
Bull Moose Nickname given the Progressive Party
suffrage the right to vote
NAACP organization that used the legal system to gain equal rights for African Americans
temperance the choice to use little or no alcohol
direct primary an election where party members vote to decide who will be their candidate in a later general election
16th Amendment addition to the Constitution that allowed the federal government to tax people's earnings
Federal Reserve Act set up 12 regional banks to serve as banks for banks and stabilize the economy
17th Amendment addition to the Constitution that provided for the direct election of U.S. Senators by the citizens of their state
recall special election held to decide if an office holder should be removed from office before his term is over
muckrakers writers who exposed the corruption of big business and the government and wrote about the terrible conditions in the slums
plurality winning an election with the most votes, but not more than half of the votes
Jacob Riis Author of "How the Other Half Lives, " a book that showed the horrible living conditions in the slums with writing and photographs
Progressivism belief that industrialization and urbanization created many social problems and that the government should step in to help solve the problems
referendum allows proposed legislation submitted to the voters for approval
Carrie Catt leader credited with getting the amendment ratified that gave women the right to voteq
socialism the idea that government should own and operate industry for the community as a whole
Eugene Debs socialist candidate for President in 1912
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