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My World: Ohio Chapter 7

government a system of rules
democracy a government where people have power to choose their leaders through elections
constitution a plan for government
law a system of rules in a community
executive branch the law-enforcing branch of government
judicial branch the law-interpreting branch of government
executive branch the law-enforcing branch of government
checks and balances the system in which each branch can check, or hold back, the actions of the other two branches
veto to reject a law
vote to make a choice in an election
jury a group of people asked to look at the facts of a court case and make a decision
candidate a person running for a leadership position in the government
petition a document requesting something from a government or another authority that is signed by many people
technology the use of science and tools to help solve problems or to do things in new ways
census a population count taken every ten years through which a government counts it citizens and gathers information about their ages, races, and incomes
population the number of people living in an area
rural open land or land on which few people live
suburb a community that is outside a city but still connected to it
urban a city or area where many people live
metropolitan area an area that includes one or more urban centers and the surround suburbs
livestock animals raised to be used by people for food, sport, or work
irrigate to bring water to a dry area through pipes, hoses, or canals
manufacturing to turn raw materials into finished goods
refine to make usable
entrepreneur someone who takes risks to start a new business
foreign from another country
income money earned by people or businesses for services or products
budget a plan for spending money
interest an amount charged for borrowing money from a bank or a fee paid for saving money in a bank
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