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Louisiana's Regions

Chapter 2

Where is the Mississippi Floodplain located? parrellel to the Mississippi River
Where are natural levees, swamps and passes located? Mississippi Floodplain
Which area of the Mississippi Floodplain has willows, cottonwood, sycamore, oak, hickory, and pecan trees? Natural Levee
What two types of flora does the swamp of the Mississippi Floodplain have? cypress and Spanish moss
What type of flora do the passes of the Mississippi Floodplain have? marsh grass
What is flora? plant life
Where are Terraces located? multiple locations in northeast and southwest Louisiana and Florida Parishes
What are the three geographical regions of the Terraces Region? The Blufflands, The Praries, and The Flatwoods
What do the Blufflands look like? natural levees, high vertical bluffs
Which geographic feature looks like a flat, giant table top? The Prairies
What do The Flatwoods look like? forrests
What type of flora does The Blufflands have? magnolias, dogwood, holly, ash, oak, ferns, green mosses
Which area of the Terraces has grasses, broom sedge, water grass, switch grass? The Pariries
What type of flora do The Flatwoods have? mixed pine, wire grass, palmetto
Which region borders the Red Rover as it flows from the northwestern corner of the state to central Louisiana? Red River Valley Region
What geographic features does the Red River Valley have? natural levees, fertile red soil
What region has flora such as sweet gum, cotton wood, willow, and sycamore, some cypress, tupelo gum, and swampy oak Red River Valley Region
Where is the Hills Region located? Northern Louisiana and the toe of the boot in the southeastern part of the state
What are the geographical features of the Hills Region? Sabien Uplift (Dolet Hills); Nacogdoches Wold, Kistachie Wold, Driskill Mountain
What type of flora does the Hills Region have? oak, hickory, ash, sweet gum, pecan, longleaf pine trees
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