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Georgia Unit test 1

Goergia Unit test1

What states border Georgia? North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee
What ocean borders Georgia? Atlantic Ocean
Who founded Georgia and when? James Edward Oglethorpe in 1733
Georgia was the (number) colony. 13th
(number) square miles of land make up Georgia. 58,910
Georgia is the (number) most populated state according to the 2010 census. 9th
How many counties make up Georgia? 159
Ware is the (blank) county. largest
Clarke is the (blank) county. smallest
The geographic center of Georgia is... Twiggs county
The highest point in Georgia is ... Brasstown Bald
State motto "Wisdom, justice and moderation."
State bird Brown thrasher
State flower Cherokee Rose
State tree Live Oak
State possum Pogo
Number of state capitals since establishment. 5
Current state capital Atlanta
Current state governer Nathan Deal
Atlanta 1868
Augusta 1786
Milledgeville 1807
Louisville 1796
Savanna 1733
Waterfalls at the (blank) provide (blank) for cities. Fall line;hydroelectric power
Which river forms a boundary between GA and FL? St. Mary's River
The (blank) off the coast of Georgia provide recreation and tourism as well as (blank) from wind and waves. barrier islands;protection
Which river forms a boundary between GA and SC? Savanna River
Which river forms a boundary between GA and AL? Chattahoochee River
The largest of the barrier islands is... Cumberland Island
How many major rivers does Georgia have? 12
How many natural lakes does Georgia have? 0
The Chattahoochee River begins in the (blank), flows through Atlanta, and over the Fall Line to Columbus. Blue Ridge Mountains
Which river and lake are closest to Forsyth County? Chattahoochee River;Lake Lanier
Which river begins south of Atlanta near Hartsfield Airport? Flint River
Which river leads to one of the busiest seaports in the United States? Savannah River
Which river is dammed to create Lake Hartwell, Russell Lake, and Clark Hill Lake? Savannah River
Which river is home to two nuclear facilities? Savannah River
Who made the largest freshwater swamp in the United States a national wildlife refuge and when? Franklin D Roosevelt in the 1930's
Describe Georgia's climate. humid,moist
When and where was Georgia's deadliest tornado? April 1939 in Gainesville (Hall County)
What two types of major weather affect Georgia the most? hurricanes and tornadoes
What controls the weather in Georgia? winds
Created by: 089339
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