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Skywest Questions

Multiple Choice Test

A pilot who is second-in-command of the aircraft. First officer
A jumpseat is a seat in the cabin for use by a flight attendant in the aircraft cabin. True
Procedures and checks that must be performed on the aircraft to ensure airworthiness is: Preflight Inspection
Interline is transportation on two or more different airlines. True
Remain overnight is where a flight attendant returns to his/her domicile. False
The portion of flight between two cities is: Leg
The company office at an airport concerned with the loading and working of a flight. Operations
A tail wind is wind blowing in the same direction the airplane is traveling. True
Building in which aircraft maintenance is performed. Hangar
A ferry flight is: A flight that is set up to move an aircraft from one station to another without passengers.
How short can a skirt or dress be while in training? 2 inches from the top of the knee cap
Socks or tights can be patterned as long as they are black or blue. False
How many earrings can males wear? One in each earlobe
Visible tattoos are never allowed. True
Shoes can only be black or blue while in training False
Socks (male or female) and or hosiery (female only) must be worn at all times. True
What time is one o'clock p.m.? Conventional 1:00 p.m. 24 hour military 1300
What time is seven fifteen a.m.? Conventional 7:15 a.m. 24 hour military 0715
What time is five in the morning? Conventional 5:00 a.m. 24 hour military 0500
What time is noon? Conventional 12:00 p.m 24 hour military 1200
Atlanta, Georgia is in the following time zone. Eastern
If it is 1400 in Portland, Oregon, what time is it in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? 1600
Denver, Colorado is in what time zone? Mountain Standard Time
If it is 0600 in Tampa, Florida, what time is it in San Diego, California? 0300
Phoenix, Arizona does observe daylight savings? False
Remain Overnight RON
Pilot-in-Command/Captain PIC
Portable Oxygen Bottle POB
Ground Power Unit GPU
Law Enforcement Officer LEO
Chief Flight Attendant CFA
First Officer FO
Passenger PAX
Portable Oxygen Concentrator POC
Aft Flight Attendant AFT FA
Non-Revenue Space Available NRSA
Security Identification Display Area SIDA
Temporary Revision TR
Americans With Disabilities Act ADA
Department of Transportation DOT
Mechanical MX
CRJ 200 Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet - 50 passengers, one-class cabin
CRJ 700 (65 PAX) Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet - 65 passengers, 9 first class and 56 economy seats
CRJ 700 (70 PAX-AS) Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet - 70 passengers, one-class cabin
CRJ 700 (70 PAX-UAX) NextGen Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet - 70 passengers, 6 first class and 64 economy plus/economy seats
CRJ 900 (76 PAX) Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet - 76 passengers, 12 first class and 64 coach seats
ERJ 175 Embraer Regional Jet - 76 passengers, 12 first class and 64 economy plus/economy seats
Created by: christymb68
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