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Unit 2: Coming to America Exploring and Colonization

explorer someone who travels in order to gain knowledge about land or discoveries
colony a land ruled by a distant country
Christianity the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ
compact an agreement
3 G's Gold, God, and Glory (the 3 reasons for exploration and settlement)
colonist a person living in a land ruled by a distant country
cash crop a crop that is sold for money
export a product that leaves a country
import a product that is brought into a coutry
indentured servant someone required to work for his or her freedom
House of Burgesses first representative governmental group in American (Jamestown)
Columbian Exchange plants, animals, and diseases from Europe, Asia, and Africa were introduced to the Americas, and numerous others were transferred from the Americas to Europe, Asia, and Africa.
migration movement from one region to another
mercantilism economic ($$$) policy where colonies serve as a source of raw materials to increase the wealth and maintain a favorable balance of trade for their home country
free enterprise system economic ($$$) system characterized by freedom for consumers and producers
representative government political system where policies are created by representatives selected by the people
monarchy a government where the ruler is born into or inherits their role (king or queen)
industry economic ($$$) activity that involves the making of a particular product
agriculture the practice of growing crops and raising livestock
conquistadors a person who conquers new territory (mainly from Spain)
missionaries a person sent by a foreign country to teach their religion and spread their faith
charter written permission to claim land given by a government to an individual
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