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IGC-H8 Wire BInding

IGC - H8 Identify stapling & stitching equipment, materials, & supplies

Staple Attaching or binding printed sheets together using wire staples for flat products
Stitch or (wire stitching) Sttaching or binding folded printed sheets, known as signatures, together using wire staples. Attachment is on the spine.
Legs The 2 short lengths of the stitch that are driven down into the spine and crimped together holding the signature together
Signature Any single press sheet on which multiple pages have been imposed, which when folded and cut, form a group of pages
Folio A page number, commonly placed on the page
Lip (high folio or low folio) An allowance made for publications to be bound by saddle stitching: a short overhang on one side of the signature
Spine In book production, the bound edge of a book, where the pages are held together, commonly to the binding
Face Printing on the "front side" or top side of a sheet
Head The top of a book, page or column
Tail The bottom of a book, page or column
Center Spread In page layout and printing, the 2 adjacent pages in the center of the signature
Creep The gradual extension of the inner signatures of a book beyond the edges of the signature that surround them, resulting in the inner signatures having a progressively smaller size
On Center Centering one object to another, concerning the measuring point to be in the center of the objects
3 Side Trim in book printing, the trimming of the head, foot and face to relinquish the fold of the signature and to clean the edges
Dummy A detailed sample page layout indicating the approximate position and style of the various page elements: text, line cut, photos. A guide for the actual page makeup.
Created by: johnaugustine