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US History #1

Chapter 4 Section 1

Comstock Lode the most valuable deposit of silver ore ever recorded
Boomtowns a town that has grown very rapidly as a result of sudden prosperity
Vigilance Committees an unauthorized committee of citizens organized for the maintenance of order and summary punishment in the absence of courts.
Ghost Towns a town permanently abandoned by its inhabitants
Placer Mining the site of a form of mining in which a placer deposit is washed to seperate the gold or other valuable minerals
Hydraulic Mining placer mining using a pressurized stream of water
Quartz Mining the mining of gold on veins or are bodies in place as distinguished from surface digging or washing
Open Range a large area of grazing land without fences or other barriers
Long Drive herding of thousands of cattle to railway centers scattered across the plains
Chisholm Trail used in the post-Civil War era to drive cattle over land
Haciendas a large estate or plantation with a dwelling house
Barrios a district of a town in Spain and soanish speaking countries
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