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VCE Revolutions 3&4

Causes of the Russian Revolution

What are the 3 Pillars of the Tsarist System? 1. Autocracy 2. Orthodoxy 3. Nationalism
What is Autocracy? A state ruled by a single person. Few is any constitutional restrictions on the leader and allows them to have ABSOLUTE power over their country
What is Russian Orthodoxy? Russian Orthodox was the official religion and under the State/Monarchs' control (became essential to the autocratic rule)
What is Nationalism? Similar to Patriotism, this is the strong belief and pride in an individuals nation
What was the Duma traditionally? Traditionally an advisor to the Tsar's, it was changed in 1721 to represent the state (and was reinstated by Tsar Nicholas in 1905)
What is Marxism? Political and Economic theories developed by Karl Marx and Friedrick Engels, later developed into communism
What is the Bourgeoisie? The middle-class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values or conventional attitudes
Define "Reformist" A group of people who supported or advanced gradual reform rather than abolition or revolution
Who were the Romanov's? They were the ruling imperial family of Russia(who became the Tsars) and 18 members were killed off by the Bolsheviks at the end of the Russian Rev while the rest were exiled
Define the "Okhrana" Tsarist secret police who were charged with protecting the Tsar and the imperial family, as well as investigating Left-wing groups
When were the "Russian Social Democratic Labor Party" established? They were established in 1898
Key ideologies of the "Russian Social Democratic Labor Party" They were opposed to revolutionary popularism and based their idea's on Marxism
When did the "Russian Social Democratic Labor Party" split? 1903
Who were the Bolsheviks primarily led by? Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin)
Who was the primary leader of the Mensheviks? Yuliy Osipovich Tsederbaum (Martov)
What was the aim of the Bolshevik's? To educate workers in socialist thinking (and class awareness)
What did the "Populists" believe in? They believed in the primacy of liberty and democracy; idealization of peasantry; and that peasants were the leaders in transforming Russia
What was the percentage of Peasants in the Russian Population Peasantry made up 85% of the population in 1897
When did the Japanese attack the Russians at Port Arthur? 8th of Feb, 1904
Why was Port Arthur important to the Russian's? The location was an important strategic location as this allowed them to have navy fleets on the opposite end of the Empire
What happened on the 2nd of Jan 1905? The Russian Commander at Port Arthur surrendered the port to the Japanese
What was the Treaty of Portsmouth? The treaty was a peace treaty between Russia and Japan that stated that Japan would gain control over Port Arthur and the South Manchurian Railroad
Who were the Bolshevik's supported by? They were mostly supported by the Urban working class and the WW1 soldiers
What did some of the Bolshevik Policies include? - An alliance between the working class and peasants - Rapid other throw of the Tsar and the Middle Class to attain Socialism
Who were the Menshevik's supported by? The Urban Working Class (and cautious Socialists) as well as some lawyers and other professionals
Created by: StormRider15
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