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Gaseous exchange 11

Respiratory media Source of oxygen
Respiratory media for aquatic organisms Water
Respiratory media for terrestrial organisms Air
Main source of oxygen on earth is Atmospheric air
Oxygen percentage in Water Is 5%
Oxygen percentage in atmospheric air is 21%
Why it is difficult for aquatic organisms to obtain oxygen? Due to greater density of water and lesser concentration of oxygen
Why respiration gradient is essential in respiration? The change in partial pressure from the alveoli (high concentration) to the capillaries (low concentration) drives the oxygen into the tissue and the carbon dioxide into the blood (high concentration) from the tissues (low concentration), which is then re
Pressure difference derives oxygen into blood how? the change in partial pressure from the alveoli to the capillaries drives the oxygen into the tissues and the carbon dioxide into the blood from the tissues. The blood is then transported to the lungs where differences in pressure in the alveoli result in
Diffusion gradient is essential for Gaeseous exchange to takes place because it allows diffusion across capillaries and alveoli Importance of diffusion gradient
What is impervious layer? The layer not allowing fluid to pass through
Metabolic pathway that occur only in day time and in chlorophyll containing cells? Photosynthesis
Metabolic pathway that occur in day and night in all cells of plants for obtaining energy Is ? Respiration
in aquatic unicellular organisms gaseous exchange takes place by Diffusion across moist cell membrane
Means of gaseous exchange in lower plants in water is ____ Wet body surface
Why some organisms take in oxygen through their body surface ? Because their surface area is greater than volume
How is the surface area to volume ratio maximized in the lungs? The millions of tiny alveoli in the human lungs are a very effective adaptation which provides a huge surface area for gaseous exchange into and out of the blood.
Why diffusion of gases through body surface in higher plants is prevented ? Due to development of cuticle a waxy covering
Leaves exchange gases through___ Stomata (on the epidermis)
Bean shaped modified epidermal cells which form stomata are called ? Guard cells
Localized regions of Lossely arranged cork cells in stems with intracellular air spaces are called lenticels
in roots gaseous exchange takes place through ____ Epidermal cells and root hairs
Which system is absent in plants Respiratory system
How diffusion allows all the cells of plant take in and gives out gases? Due to presence of air spaces between cells
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