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Hungarian List 17

Hungarian list containing grammar, verbs, and vocabulary-17

használni to use
élni to live
félni to be afraid, to fear
medve bear
érdekelni to be interested - 3PS & 3PP are always conjugated with def. endings an indirect object pronoun (őt and őket), if object is singular & using én, te, mi, or ti then use an indirect object pronoun (engem, téged, minket, titiket), if object is plural put -nek on verb root (éredekelnek). Always conjugate to the subject in number.
nekem, neked, neki, nekünk, nektek, nekik to me, to you, to him her it, to us, to you (pl), to them
hűteni to cool
hűtő refrigerator
fülledt humid, muggy
főzni to cook (boiling)
sütni to bake, to cook (in the oven, cooktop, frying in oil or butter)
grillezni to grill
szülni to give birth
szülők parents
fészer shed
emelet floor/level (of a building)
emelni to lift, raise
belépni to enter
ná/né would
őt/őket if used in sentence, conjugate verb in definite
tál mixing bowl
hoz/hez/höz talk to someone
val/vel talk with someone
nedves wet
száraz dry
te vicces vagy/mokás you are funny
megállni to stop
leveni to take something down (like off a wall)
habár whereas, albeit
egyébként otherwise (a more defiant usage)
jó étvágyat have a good meal
vkit/vmit somebody (SB.)/something (STH.)
eltöröl to abolish, repeal
várakozni to sit on the edge of the seat (with excitement)
te marha you're really stupid (in a silly, just kidding way)
egy időre for the moment, for awhile, for the time being
ebben a pillanatban right now in this moment something happened
néha sometimes
takarítani to clean up (the surface of something)
mizu what's up
télapó santa
tökéletesen perfect(ly)
ehhez/ahhoz for this/for that
majom monkey
őz deer
folyam vidra river otter
gofri waffle
fal wall
végrehajtani to accomplish (military or workplace)
-sag -ség turn an adjective into a noun
Created by: ezuelke
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