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US HIST Late 19th c.

Western Movement, Populism, Industrialization, Innovations, Robber Barons

What area of the United States was referred to as the Great American Desert? The Great Plains
Where did the first transcontinental railroad come together? Promontory Point, Utah
Where did General Custer and his army get defeated by the Indians? Little Bighorn
Who invented Barbed Wire? Joseph Glidden
160 Acres of land in the West was given through which law? The Homestead Act
The incandescent light bulb was improved by this innovator? Thomas Edison
An improved way of changing iron into steel. The Bessemer Process
This was the business that was controlled by John D. Rockefeller? Standard Oil
Name the Muckraker that focused on the activities of Rockefeller and Standard Oil. Ida Tarbell
This is the theory that the best businessmen will rise to the top and get rich? Social Darwinism
What type of workers did the Knights of Labor accept? Any workers
As resentment grew against immigrants, which group was denied further immigration in 1882? Chinese
Who told about the horrible conditions of the poor in American cities in the book, "How the Other Half Lives"? Jacob Riis
A time of great political corruption and greed on the US during the late 1800's is called the ______________________. Gilded Age
Who was the cartoonist who exposed corruption in the government of New York's Tammany Hall? Thomas Nast
Type of merger where all of competing businesses are bought and and controlled by one company Horizontal Merger or Horizontal Integration
Type of merger where all of the means of production are bought and controlled by one company Vertical Mergers or Vertical Integration
Popular Stories of adventure and success. Dime Novels.
Poor crop prices due to overproduction and a lack of credit forced farmers to form this organization in 1867? The Patrons of Husbandry (The Grange)
Between 1865 and 1897, the federal government was dominated by which political party? The Republican
People who came from central and eastern Europe, mainly Catholic, and non-English Speaking were the _________ Immigrants. New
Which Law created the Civil Service System, creating a Merit System in hiring for the Federal Government The Pendleton Act
Using a political office for personal gain or profit is called ___________, and was a characteristic of the Gilded Age Political Machines. Graft
Which Industry did the Interstate Commerce Act attempt to regulate? Rail Roads
Who was the author of the book “Century of Dishonor,” which tried to expose the mistreatment given to many Indians? Helen Hunt Jackson
This massacre in 1890 represented the end of Indian resistance? Wounded Knee
What mid-western state had a land rush in 1889? Oklahoma
Which law gave settlers 160 acres of land? The Homestead Act
Who ran for President in 1896 after winning the nomination with the “Cross of Gold” speech? William Jennings Bryan
Where did many European immigrants see their first sights of America? Ellis Island
Who was the leader of the AFL? Samuel Gompers
Who was the leader of the Knights of Labor? Terrence Powderly
Philosophy that people should help those that are less fortunate than them? Social Gospel
Famous political boss who controlled New York City's Tammany Hall during part of the Gilded Age? William Tweed
Who was the only President to serve two non-consecutive terms as President? Grover Cleveland
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