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Milady History 15?

History and career opportunities

The art and science of beautifying and improving the skin ,nails and hair and study of cosmetices and their application is called : A. esthiology B. cosmetology C. cosmetices D. barbering cosmetology
the earliest that archaeological studies reveal that haircutting and hairstyling were practiced was in the : A. renaissance B. ice age C. medieval period D. roman empire ice age
Ancient records show that matter made from berries , tree bark, minerals , insects , nuts, herbs, and leaves were used for : A. styling B. waving C. coloring D. conditioning coloring
first to cultivate beauty extravagant fashion use cosmetics as part of their personal beauty habits ,,in religious ceremonies , and preparing dead burial : A romans B. greeks C.egyptans D.indains Egyptians
in ancient greece , what mineral was ground to make brilliant red pigment : A. copper B. nickel C. cinnabar D. kohl cinnabar
in ancient Egypt , Queen Nefertiti stained her nails red by dipping her finger tips in : A. henna B. herbs C. oils D . lacquer henna
In ancient Rome , noblewomen tinted their hair : A. red B . blonde C. black D. brown red
in ancient Rome, middle class women colored their hair: A. Blonde B. black C. red D. brown blonde
in ancient Rome, poor women colored their hair : A. blond B. brown C. red D. black black
women wore colored makeup on their cheeks and lips but not on their eyes during the : A. ice age B. golden age C. middle age D. renaissance middle ages
one of the most austere and restrictive periods in history with respect to appearance enhancement is the : A. Renaissance B. Victorian age C. Golden age D. Middle age Victorian Age
the pole of the barber pole is thought to represent the _______ that the patient would hold on to in order the veins in the arm to stand out during bloodletting staff
in history , bloodletting was a medical procedure thought to : A. strengthen the immune system B. reduce the chance of blood clotting C. diminish the risk of infection D. strengthen the heart rate strengthen the immune system
in the salon indursty , a DSC is known as a : A. District Service Consultant B. District of service and cosmetics C. Distributor service consultant D, Distributor sales consultant Distributor sales consultant
one thing that is key to your success in the field of cosmetology , regardless of which path you choose is : A. specializing in haircutting B. continuing to learn C. focusing on nail care D. offering special facials continuing to learn
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