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6th Grade

Unit 4: Population and Culture

What do you call the set of beliefs, values, and practices that a group of people has in common? Culture
What do you call an activity or behavior in which people often take part? Culture trait
The language you speak and the sports you play are examples of your what? Culture traits
What do you call an area in which people have many shared culture traits? Culture region
Who are a group of people who share a common culture and ancestry? Ethnic group
What do you call having a variety of cultures in the same area such as Mexicans, Americans and Canadians all living in Michigan? Cultural diversity
What do you call the spread of culture traits from one region to another? Cultural diffusion
The spread of baseball from America to Japan and other countries is an example of what? Cultural diffusion
What do you call any type of government in which people elect leaders and rule by majority? democracy
Countries with less productive economies and a lower quality of life are called what? Developing countries
Is the USA a developed or developing country? Developed country
What do you call culture traits that are well known and widely accepted such as soft drinks and American television shows? Popular culture/fad/trend
Why do citizens stay in a dictatorship and not leave? Life, food, shelter, threats against you
Which theme of geography deals with how people, goods, services and ideas get from place to place? Movement
Give an example of how products made in China are imported to the United States. Shipping on boats and planes.
What is an example of a tool from the past that has changed in the present. Answers will vary-dial phones to cell phones; boxed tvs to flat screen tvs, etc.
What do you call the total number of people living in an area? population
What do you call the measure of the number of people living per square mile? population density
What is the movement of people from one place to live in another? migration
What is the name of the theory used to describe factors that make people leave an area and/or attract them to another area? push pull theory
Give an example of the push pull theory. Answers will very-lose a job and get another in a different state, natural disasters push you out, warmer climates pull you in, war pushes you out, family attracts you in, etc.
Where do most people tend to live? Near water and cities.
What is a negative effect of too many people living in urban areas? Not enough jobs or housing, increased pollution, etc.
What is a positive effect of living in a city? Better job opportunites, more technology, more diversity, etc.
What does urban mean? City
What does rural mean? Countryside
What is sparse? Spread out; thin
What in dense? How thick or crowded something is
What is a megacity? Population of 10 million or more
What are some concerns of people moving quickly to megacities? More slum areas, more trash and pollution problems, not enough housing or electricity
What are the four stages of culture? tools, fire, farming and writing
What term was given for the era when we went from hunting and gathering to relying on farms and herds and settling all over the world? Agriculture revolution
What are some reasons the population grew so quickly from the 1800s to present day? Better food, better medicine, educated
What continent does over half the population live on? Asia
What do you call the study of world's population? demography
What do you call the number of births per 1000 people? birthrate
Every second of everyday the world's population increases by how many people? three
What do you call tools and the skills people need to use them to advance a culture? technology
What is the most basic unit of any culture from whom you learn your traditions from? family
What do you call a person who moves to a new country in order to settle there? immigrant
What do you call the study of the world's people, communities, cultures and landscapes they create? Human geography
What do you call the number of deaths per 1000 people? death rate
What do you call the birth rate minus the death rate? Rate of natural increase
What do you call a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster:? refugee
What are the two most populated continents in the world? Asia and Africa
What are the two most populated countries in the world containing the most megacities? India and China
What do you call areas surrounding megacities where people are forced to set up unsanitary living conditions in order to be near the urban life? Slums
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