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14 CFR Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations
AAS Airport Advisory Services
AC Advisory Circular
ACS Airman Certification Standards
ADM Aeronautical Decision Making
AFS Flight Standards Service
AELP Aviation English Language Proficiency
AIM Aeronautical Information Manual
AKTR Airman Knowledge Test Report
ASOS Automated Surface Observation System
ATIS Automated Terminal Information Service
AWOS Automated Weather Observation System
CTAF Common Traffic Advisory Frequency
CFI Chief Flight Engineer
CRM Crew Resource Management
DPE Designated Pilot Examiner
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FSDO Flight Standards District Office
GCS Ground Control Station
GPS Global Positioning System
IFO International Field Office
IFU International Field Unit
LSC Learning Statement Code
MOA Military Operations Area
METAR Aviation Routine Weather Reports (Meteorological Aerodrome Report)
MTR Military Training Routes
NAS National Airspace System
NOTAMs Notices to Airmen
NSA National Security Areas
PIC Pilot-in-Command
PLT Pilot Learning Statement Code
SAFO Safety Alert for Operators
SIDA Security Identification Display Area
SMS Safety Management System
TAF Terminal Area Forecast
TFR Temporary Flight Restrictions
TRSA Terminal Radar Service Areas
UA Unmanned Aircraft
UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems
UNICOM Universal Integrated Community
UTC Coordinated Universal Time
VFR Visual Flight Rules
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions
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