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Pregnancy & BFeeding

What are two major health conditions that should be controlled prior to pregnancy? Diabetes, PKU
An infant is considered pre term if it is born before___ weeks? 37
What age can infants suckle/feed at? 34 weeks
How are premature infants fed if they cannot breastfeed yet? TPN and enteral feeds. Enteral feeds will consist of expressed breast milk, donor milk or premature infant formula
Name substances in breastmilk that improve the bioavailability of it? Lactoferrin, bile salt stimulating lipase (BSSL), carnitine
Name substances in breastmilk that provide immunity Lactoferrin, Lactadherin, Mucins, BSSL, iIgA, IgM, IgG, lysozymes
Name several things that contribute to a healthy infants' microflora Exposure to environmental microbes, exposure to mums bacteria (faecal, vaginal, breast), optimal nutrition, human milk oligosaccharides.
Name several factors that contribute to suboptimal microflora C-section birth, sterile environment, poor nutrition
Created by: KatApple