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BW 6gr SS China

BW 6th gr China

Loess a fine, yellow soil that is easily carried by wind and rain, found in China
Seismograph a scientific instrument that could detect earthquakes hundreds of miles away, invented during the Han dynasty
Legalism a philosophy of strict government in China in the 200s B.C. in which citizens were encouraged to serve the needs of the state
Gorge a mountain pass with steep rock sides
Grand School a school begun by Confucian scholars in China that trained students for government jobs
Famine a widespread lack of food resulting in hunger and starvation
Province a division of land within an empire or country
Bureacracy large organization that runs the daily business of government
Emperor the supreme ruler of an empire or group of states under one government
Huang He River 3,000 mile long river that starts in the Himalayan Mountains and runs across norther China
Chang Jiang River the world's longest river that starts on the Tibetan Plateau and continues across central China
Great Wall walls that were built to keep out norther invaders
Confucianism a system of beliefs and behaviors based on teachings of Confucius, who said that people should lead good lives by studying ancient traditions and stressed the importance of respecting one's family and ancestors
Steppe a dry, grassy, treeless plain found in Asia and eastern Europe
Wudi the Han emperor who ruled China from 140 B.C. to 87 B.C. and set up a system of schools that prepared students for government jobs
Confucius a Chinese philosopher who stressed the need to respect tradition
Wang Mang a man that seized the throne of the Han dynasty in A.D. 9
Liu Pang changed name to Gao ZU the founder of the Han dynasty of China and what did he change his name to
Hsiang Yu a Chinese general who fought against the Qin
Liu Pang led a rebelion and became the founder of China's Han dynasty
Shihuangdi a Chinese emperor who unified China and founded the Qin dynasty
Tibetan Plateau a flat land formed by the Himalaya Mountains
Maro Polo Italian merchant who traveled to China
Kublia Khan Grand son of Genghis khan. Founder of Chinas Yuan Dynasty
Genghis Khan Mongohl Conquerer of China and parts of Asia and Europe
Mandate of Heaven Says that Government may rule so long as they do it fairly, benefiting the people and prefroming the proper religious duties, to honot parents and ancestors
Silk Road trade routes that streached over land that connected Asia to Europe
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