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Race Relations

CRM Protest Methods in the 60s - Freedom Rides

Who did the Freedom Rides run ahead of? King
What happened in May 1961?? James Farmer of CORE organised the 'Freedom Rides'.
What did young blacks try to do during the freedom rides? Exercise their legal right to travel on segregated interstate buses.
What were the Freedom Rides an act of? Calculated martyrdom - the riders knew they would be attacked.
What happened when a first bus reached Alabama? The tyres were slashed and the bus set on fire; the mob tried to hold the doors shut so that the passengers would be burned alive.
What happened when a second bus reached Birmingham, Alabama? The police and the KKK attacked the riders with clubs and chains as they left the bus.
Who were especially badly beaten by the mob that appeared when the second bus reached Birmingham? White Freedom Riders.
In all, how many Freedom Rides were there? Involving how many people? There were 60 Freedom Rides involving 450 very brave people.
What happened to most of the Freedom Riders? They were beaten and/or imprisoned.
While they waited for connections, what did the Freedom Riders do? Also go and break the rules in segregated restaurants and hotels.
What was the SNCC? The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
Who participated in the Freedom Rides? Many SNCC students.
Who supported the Freedom Rides? Martin Luther King
What was the SCLC? The Southern Christian Leadership Conference
What did CORE, SNCC and SCLC all ignore? The government's requests to stop the unrest.
In the end what happened (after the CORE, SNCC and SCLC all ignored to government's requests to stop the unrest)? Attorney General Robert Kennedy had to act to enforce the Supreme Court's decision that segregation on interstate travel was illegal.
When did James Farmer (of CORE) organise the Freedom Rides? May 1961
Created by: mollyyy