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Modern America

Unit 11

What architect is known for incorporating nature into his building designs? Frank Lloyd Wright (Falling Water)
What American dancer and choreographer created a new form of MODERN dance that fundamentally changed the way dance is taught around the world? Martha Graham
What African American doctor developed the Blood Plasma Bank which saved countless American lives during WWII? Dr. Charles Drew
This historian is a top professor at Harvard University, plus he produces and hosts the series, "Finding Your Roots" on PBS, which helps trace the ancestors of famous African Americans. Henry Louis Gates Jr.
What American scientist led the Manhattan Project and developed the atomic bomb during WWII? J. Robert Oppenheimer
What civil rights activist is famous as an author and poet whose writing describes the struggles of African Americans? Maya Angelou (I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings)
What leader in the field of computer technology is now recognized as a leading philanthropist who funds educational programs across America? Bill Gates (Microsoft)
Who created the idea of franchising? (Hint: He franchised McDonalds) Ray Kroc
Created by: MrsBrown_MEH



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