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Civil Rights Movemen


Which amendment outlawed slavery? 13th Amendment
Which amendment granted citizenship to former slaves? 14th Amendment
Which amendment gave former male slaves the right to vote? 15th Amendment
Which event sparked the Civil Rights Movement? Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus
Which event was organized as a protest to Rosa Parks' arrest? Montgomery Bus Boycott
What style of protesting did Martin Luther King Jr. support? Passive Resistance (non-violent)
What were 4 types of organized protests during the Civil Rights Movement? Freedom Rides, Sit-ins, Marches, & Boycotts
Which organization expanded during the Civil Rights Movement to fight for the rights of African Americans? NAACP
Which legislation outlawed segregation of public facilities and discrimination against African Americans in employment and voting? Civil Rights Act of 1964
Which legislation gave the federal government the authority to ensure that African Americans in the South were allowed to exercise their 15th Amendment rights? Voting Rights Act of 1965
Which organization fought for equal rights for women? NOW - The National Organization for Women
Which failed amendment attempted to give women equal opportunities in employment, both in business and public service? Equal Rights Amendment
What was Title IX? Legislation that forced colleges to provide equal athletic opportunities for women.
Which Supreme Court case legalized segregation? Plessy vs. Ferguson (Separate but Equal)
Which Supreme Court case overturned Plessy vs. Ferguson and forced southern schools to desegregate? Brown vs. The Board of Education (Separate but NOT Equal)
Created by: MrsBrown_MEH



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